A collection of my creative works and skill sets

Stone Path, Rural Heilongjiang Province, China. 2010
Birds Nest Olympic Stadium, Beijing, China. 2010
Great Wall of China, Ming Tomb Valley, China. 2008
Pinnacles, Western Australia. 2009
Pohutu Geyser & The Moon, Rotorua, New Zealand. 2009
Gold Plate, Beijing, China. 2011
Ancient Pottery, Beijing, China. 2014
Fox Glacier, New Zealand. 2009
Stone Home, Ming Tomb Valley, China. 2011
Southern Alps, New Zealand. 2006
Pinnacles, Western Australia. 2009
Self Portrait, Melbourne, Australia. 2019
Southern Cross Constellation and Coal Sack Molecular Cloud, Nagambie, VIC, Australia. 2020
Campfire, Nagambie, VIC, Australia. 2020
Large Magellanic Dwarf Galaxy, Nagambie, VIC, Australia. 2020
Goat, Dubbo, NSW, Australia. 2019
Fishing Pier, Rural Northern China. 2009
"The Sad Soldier"
Terracotta Warriors, Xian, China. 2014

Dedicated To My Grandfather

My late grandfather was also an avid photographer and explorer, he spent many trips over to india, even after my falling out with my biological family, we kept in touch. My memories of him i cherish and wish I got to know him more. I hope to find what he saw through the lens someday in my travels.