Adaptive Explorer

I have restarted this in hopes to share my experiences, learning how to explore and enjoy the outdoors like I used to. It's going to be a big learning curve for me, but I hope I can share what I learn along the way so the barrier for those with disabilities can enjoy the outdoors even more. There's no reason why I cannot achieve my dreams, it just means how I get there is a bit more adaptive.

Come with me as I explore Australia's parks, reserves and wilderness from my wheelchair and see how far I can get with learning along the way!

I want to show people that exploring the outdoors with disabilities is not impossible. If we can work together and teach what those before have tried, it can help people go beyond the asphalt and into off-road areas around Australia which they thought were inaccessible. We should be allowed the right to make the choice to explore our country just anyone else with just as much independence.

With the right tools and education available, anyone should be about to go out and explore.