My Projects

Sometimes I can be stubbornly driven. So in the spirit of not letting my disability get the best of me, I'm in the process of developing an accessibility grading system for parkland, walking trails, campsites and wilderness areas in Australia, applying things I have learnt from all my prior projects.

2002 - Present

My fascination of writing started long before my parents let me have paper to use for myself. I feel like I can articulate well and may even have something to offer. Hopefully my ramblings in my fictional and non-fiction works helps someone.

2015 - Present

With a focus on diversity, education and inclusion, I have focused these past several years volunteering within the Australian fetish community. Which has seen the creation of resources for the global community and national events to support the creation of safe spaces for people to express themselves.

Some Completed Projects


Back before virtual reality was a household name, I began work on a digital preservation project of historical sites and for it to be used in schools to teach history in a new direct experience way. This has led me to work with the Iraqi Govt Department of Education, National Museum of China and multiple schools across the western hemisphere.