Taylor Cook

A Brief Overview of My Career History.
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2019 - Cert 2 in Engineering Pathways
TAFE Broadmeadows - Melbourne, Australia

1 Year pre-apprenticeship welding and fabrication qualification

2012 - Australian Blasting Licence (expired)

2008-9 - Swim Coaching Accreditation
Swimming NZ - Christchurch, New Zealand

2008-9 - Diploma of Elite Sport Performance
Aoraki Polytechnic - Christchurch, New Zealand

2004 - High School
Lynfield College - Auckland, New Zealand

Work Experience

Work under NDA are not on this list.

Self Employed - Game Designer
2010-14 Australia

ZAM Network - Game Content Creator
2010-11 Beijing, China

Self Employed - English Tutor
2010-11 Beijing, China

Self Employed - Personal Trainer
2008-2009 Christchurch, New Zealand

QEII Aquatics Center - Swim Coach
2008 Christchurch, New Zealand

Self Employed - Professional Track Cyclist
2006 - 2009 Christchurch, New Zealand

Self Employed - Entrepreneur
2004-07 Auckland, New Zealand

Community Volunteer Work

Australian Pup and Handler Competition - Founder & Owner
2017-20 Melbourne, Australia

2017 - Head Producer Role (Melbourne)
2018 - Consultant Volunteer Role (Melbourne)
2019 - Archival Documenting Volunteer Role (Adelaide)

Nerdy Doggo - Founder & Head Researcher
2017-20 Melbourne, Australia

Created a non-profit organisation to lead in development of resources for the human pup play community and begin work on academic research to help bridge the gap between the community and general society.

Oceanic Pups & Handlers - Event Co-Producer
2017-18 Sydney, Australia

O-PAH was an attempted project of a coss-regional support group for the community, they ran the first of two Mardi Gras floats that were community-run than by a specific niche group.

PupPlay.Info - Founder & Creator
2016-20 Melbourne, Australia

Created a non-profit community website to host articles and content creation to support the needs and desires of the greater community within a safe space that is inclusive to all styles of play.

Victoria Pups and Handlers - "Head Puppy" Volunteer Role
2016-18 Melbourne, Australia

2016-18 Bimonthly social events 2016 - Northside Bizarre Club Stall Event2016 - Assisted formation of SA-PAH and WA-PAH support groups in Adelaide and Perth.
2017 - Melbourne Pride March Club Float Event
2017 - Northside Bizarre Club Stall Event
2018 - Melbourne Pride March Club Float Event
2018 - Northside Bizarre Club Stall Event

Independant - "Leashed" @ Laird Hotel, Non-Profit Event Creator
2016 Melbourne, Australia

Four events ran as a free, safe, social space for gay men to socialise within the human pup play roleplay community. Project was cancelled after unable to find an all-inclusive venue to hold future events.

National Museum of China - Guest Lecturer
2014 Beijing, China

Held a single lecture about Project 1845 and its work into digitally preserving ancient chinese architecture and how it can be applied in a widespread educational setting by leapfrogging over proven outdated educational models.

NZ Ultimate - National Coaching Coordinator
2009 Christchurch, New Zealand

Inaugural role at the national governing body to begin development of a national training curriculum for coaches in the Ultimate Frisbee sport in New Zealand. Completed first academic research into its development before stepping down before moving to China.

Freeville Primary School - Athletics Coach
2009 Christchurch, New Zealand

Trained 35 children (age of 8-10) for extra athletics training to represent their school in events over a 4 month period.

North Brighton Primary School - Head Swim Coach
2008 Christchurch, New Zealand

Volunteered to coach all students (~150) with the assistance of teachers over 12 weeks.

Christchurch Bike Lane Overhaul - Lead Project Manager
2008 Christchurch, New Zealand

First attempted project creation, failed after internal politics stalled the project and was cancelled after the earthquakes occurred.

Christchurch Mountain Bike Club - General Committee Volunteer
2007-09 Christchurch, New Zealand

General committee volunteer involved in development and active maintenance of a new club website.

Ex-Mormon PTSD Support Group Volunteer
2005-2007 Auckland & Christchurch, New Zealand

Volunteered helping with support groups in New Zealand that assisted ex-mormon church members process PTSD from religious and institutional abuse.

Rainbow Youth - General Committee Volunteer
2005 Auckland, New Zealand

General volunteer at a queer support group in Auckland CBD.

Lynfield College - PSSP Team - Peer Sexuality Support Person
2004 Auckland, New Zealand

Trained volunteer student counsellor focusing on sexual health, gender and sexuality issues for fellow classmates.

Past Club Memberships and Affiliations

Victorian Astronomical Society, Melbourne, Australia
2019 - ~~~~

SA-PAH, Adelaide, South Australia
2016 - ~~~~

WA-PAH, Perth, Western Australia
2016 - 2020

Oceanic Pups & Handlers, Australia-wide
2017 - 2018

Victorian Pups and Handlers - Melbourne, Australia
2016 - 2018

Canterbury University Rock Climbing Club, Christchurch, New Zealand

NZ Ultimate, Christchurch, New Zealand
2008 - 2009

Christchurch Mountain Bike Club, Christchurch, New Zealand
2007 - 2009

North Avon Christchurch BMX Club , Christchurch, New Zealand
2007 - 2009

Canterbury Track Cycling Club, Christchurch, New Zealand
2006 - 2009

Ex-Mormon PTSD Support Group, Auckland & Christchurch, New Zealand
2005 - 2007

Rainbow Youth - Auckland, New Zealand
2003 - 2005

Auckland Astronomical Society, Auckland, New Zealand
2003 - 2005

South Auckland Geological Society - Manukau, Auckland.
2001 - 2002

Sea Scouts, Weymouth, South Auckland
1998 - 2000

Air Cubs, Te Awamutu, New Zealand
1995 - 1996*

Academic Research & Publications

Canis Major

Qianlong's Beijing Vol.2

Canis Minor 2nd Ed.

A free-to-access self-published academic paper of 2017-19 results and trends from the Nerdy Doggo Biennial Community Research Project.

Qianlong's Beijing Vol.1

A non-fiction reference book about Beijing Architecture during the Qing Dynasty. Translation work assisted by the Confucius Institute in 2011, graphic design and formatting done by myself.

Pup Play Paper

First peer-reviewed academic paper published by the Archives of Sexual Behaviours about some of the sample of 2019 data from the Nerdy Doggo Biennial Community Research Project.

Canis Minor 1st Ed.

A free-to-access self-published academic paper of initial results from the Nerdy Doggo Biennial Community Research Project.

Rising Aotearoa

Anthology of short stories and poetry, still available on request. Graphic design, formatting and proofreading were all done by myself.

2010 - 2015

Website designed and documentation of the Project 1845 infrastructure I was developing to bring digitally-preserved virtual reality based historical teaching in primary and early secondary school settings.


Created an item & quest database website for the english players of a korean-based MMO, Aion. Became the largest site of its kind for english users with over 10,000 unique visitors a day at the peak.

Biomechanics Paper

Biomechanical risk analysis for potential injuries between throwing locally manufactured frisbee discs and international regulation discs. This was an informal academic paper and was submitted to the national governing body NZ Ultimate, which i was volunteering with at the time.

Causality Modelling Thesis
2007 - 11 (Unfinished)

Development of a mathematical system for complex cause-and-effect simulations for natural world system analysis.

Digital Content Creation / Journal Blog Writing
2002 - Present

Content creation of written fictional and journalistic works primarily, photography, web design and videographical content was heavily worked on. 2020 adaptiveexplorer.com
2017-19 PupPlayArchives.org
2016-Now PupPlay.Info
2010-14 bohtauri.com
2004-09 davintaylor.com
2002-04 Several pre social-media communities

Taylor's Book

My first published book at the age of 16. Self-published and sold 30 copies.

Media Involvement

Demasque Magazine
2020 - Magazine Interview

Barking News
2018 - Magazine Interview

Joy FM 1, 2, 3
2017 - 3 Radio Interviews

Star Observer Article
2016 - Newspaper Interview

Book Chapter
2015 - Paperback Book

Podcast Interview
2013 - 45min Filmed Interview - Click Here

Television Interview
2008 - Canterbury NZ, Regional Sport TV

Newspaper Articles
1992, 94 - Te Awamutu, NZ

Community Awards

  • International Puppy and Handler Weekend (IPAW) - Nipper Award
    2019 Indianapolis, United States - An international annual award recognising major volunteering in the community.