Book Collection

Canis Major

Release Date: ~2021

A journalistic passion project since 2017, this is a look into the diversity and complexity of the fetish called Human Pup Play. Many years of research into the little-known histories and exploration of the many styles of expression out there. Littered with advice and stories from community volunteers from across the world of all shapes, ages, genders and abilities.

Canis Minor

1st Edition. Published 2018
2nd Edition. Published ~2021

Research result data from the Nerdy Doggo Research Project that does a biennial survey in the human pup play fetish community for academic research that's freely available to the community. In 2017 we had >700 respondents, in 2019 we had over 5,000 respondents, with a sample of that appearing in an academic paper in 2020.

Qianlong's Beijing

1st Ed. Release Date: ~2021
2nd Ed. Release Date: ~2030

A passion research project into ancient Chinese town planning. This is a set of academic reference book of translational and architectural data of the 1745 map of Beijing City. Been in development since 2010.

Rising Aotearoa

Self published book in 2010 (Age 24) Continues to be sold since available. My second anthology of short stories of poems and was the last book published with my old legal name.

Richmond's Fellowship

Self published book in 2007 (Age 21) - Produced and sold 130 copies of the 372 page book between 2006-2008. Fictional comedy fantasy novel worked on for 5 years.

The Talent

Self published book in 2006 (Age 20) - Produced and sold 485 copies of the 580 page book between 2006-2008. Fictional alternate-earth novel worked on for 11 years.

Taylor's Book

Self published book in November 2002 (Age 16) - Produced and sold 30 copies of the 45 page book. Collection of short stories and poetry that was a new-year resolution to accomplish.